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Baked Oatmeal Supreme

Baked Oatmeal Supreme Made with oatmeal, raisins, walnuts and also milk, Baked Oatmeal Supreme is a heart-healthy– and delicious!– method to begin your day (makes a superb in between meals treat, also). 2 cups dry oatmeal (I like to utilize

The Health Of High Fiber Cereals

The Health And Wellness Of High Fiber Cereals The thought of consuming a high fiber cereal makes some individuals flinch. It’s most likely because for a very long time those grains did not taste better than chipped cardboard. There have

Atkins Breakfast Bars

Atkins Breakfast Bars Breakfast is the most crucial dish of the day. This is quite important for the Atkins dieters as the foods they consume first point in the early morning will certainly leave a better influence to their diet

The Six Advantages Of Eating Oatmeal

The Six Advantages Of Consuming Oatmeal Consuming a bowl of oatmeal each morning is the perfect way to begin your time off right. This write-up will certainly describe the 6 benefits of consuming oatmeal and ways to make it taste

Dish: Witches’ Hats

Witches’ Hats INGREDIENTS: * 1 oz unsweetened cooking chocolate squares– thawed * 1 c mini marshmallows– thawed * 3 tbsps corn syrup * 3 c puffed rice cereal * 12 ozs semisweet chocolate chips– melted PREP WORK: # Preheat oven

Recipe: crunchy cherry party mix

Recipe: crunchy cherry party mix Crunchy Cherry Party Mix Yield: 20 servings 4 cups bite-size corn or rice square cereal (such as Corn or Rice Chex) 2 cups bite-size wheat square cereal (such as Wheat Chex) 2 cups broken whole