Skinny-Down With Raw Juices

Have you decided that you need to give your body an overhaul, ‘skinny down’ a bit and put that spring back in your step, but keep putting it off because of the thought of the inevitable “diet trauma”?

If that’s you, here’s some good news: it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, I guarantee that the method I am about to tell you about will literally transform your body and your life if you implement it .

The method is simple. Its called juice fasting, and is fast becoming (forgive the pun!) the most popular way to lose weight and vastly improve your health without resorting to expensive, and sometimes downright dangerous pills or potions.

You see, raw juices, such as carrot, celery, and apple are filling and satisfying without being weight-inducing. And, incidentally, they are delicious too!

I personally lost 10lbs in less than a week on my first juice fast , which was just drinking a pint of carrot and celery every couple hours.

I can truthfully say that I didn’t suffer with pangs of hunger or the depression that often accompanies more regular type diets.

Experts on nutrition state that its not unusual for a person to lose up to 30lbs in a month on a raw juice fast. Based on my experiences, I ‘d endorse that.

In the early stages, the first two or three days, you’ll experience a loss of around a pound a day. A lot depends on wether you have a slow or fast metabolism.

Your self- esteem will rise as your weight melts away, and you will probably notice an improvement in your skin tone too. A nice side benefit nature throws in for good measure.

Let me tell you a true story. A few weeks ago, I was shopping with my wife in a local supermarket, when we were approached by a young slim and handsome man, greeting us with a smile and saying “do you remember me”?

Frankly, we were a little embarrassed . We didn’t recognise him immediately. After a moment or two, as we began to chat with him, we realised it was a friend we had lost touch with for several years.

This guy used to be the exact opposite of the vibrant fit one who stood before us now. When we knew him he was very obese, very withdrawn and very pale and spotty. He told us he had been on a five week juice fast. and had lost four stones. No wonder we didn’t recognise him! I tell you, seeing really is believing.

A juice detox can do that for you too, no matter how heavy you may be.

All it takes is for you to focus on the many benefits to your health and well being . You’ll be motivated to make a lifestyle of eating and drinking more raw foods.

Remember, you need to exercise too. A 30 minute walk, jog or swim daily, in tandem with your new diet will ensure you’ll not only get healthy and slim, but remain so into your brighter future. Dr N. Walker, the guru of Raw Juices lived strong and healthy to the ripe old age of 107! Enough said.