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Satya Shaw Joins Forces With Industry Giants To Fight Proposed Soft Drink Tax

(1888PressRelease) Satya B Shaw currently serves as AACSA President. Satya Shaw founded Shaw Tax Advisory Group, LLC soon after becoming a Certified Public Accountant in 1980. Satya Shaw has also been a member of the American Association of Physicians of

Inca Kola Is A Very Successful Cola Soft Drink Made In Peru

Inca kola is a very successful cola soft drink made in Peru. It is common in parts of South America, and while it has not enjoyed major success elsewhere, it can be found in Latin American specialty shops worldwide. The

Customer Drink “drink” Was Certified After The Spit Soft Beads Of Mercury Poisoning

November 7 evening, three men fishing in the Great Place to eat shabu Joy Bean, one of the men to drink a small amount of canned, “Sprite”, the spot spat out a large number of mercury beads. Upon examination, the

How To Drink Energy Drinks

In recent years, there are more and more energy drinks sprung up in the supermarket. They all boast that they can supply energy to make people refreshed. Maybe all of us have the experience of drinking them, but do you

Energy Drinks – Is Your Favorite Energy Drink Living Up to Its Promise?

It is truly amazing how many energy drinks are on the market these days. In the last couple of decades they have proliferated incredibly, and if you go to a convenience store you are liable to see 10 or 12

Efusjon Review – An Effective Sports Drink Or Just Another Scam?

Efusjon is a fairly network marketing company, offering an ‘energy club’ providing a number of sports drinks to give your body a healthy boost. The products that Efusjon are offering are, simply put, energy drinks. This drink is sold by